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13th Biofuels International Conference & Expo

The 13th Biofuels International Conference & Expo will bring together leading producers, suppliers, regulators and other engaged organisations over a two-day period. High-level speakers, experts in their field, will address a range of topical issues relating to the biofuels sector.

Brought to you by Biofuels International, the leading international biofuels magazine, this year’s conference will be held in Brussels, Belgium and co-located with the International Biogas Congress & Expo as well as the renowned Biomass Congress & Expo, making this series of bio events our largest gathering yet of bio related companies, giving participants unrivalled coverage.


  • Update on RED II – How is it being interpreted and implemented
  • Biofuels and the wider picture – how the market is impacted by oil prices, geopolitical tensions and the energy transition
  • Does RED II help or hinder advanced biofuels progress?
  • Emissions requirements: reviewing challenges with biofuels classification and certification
  • Which biofuel feedstocks will play a role in large-scale production?
  • Marine biofuels – what are the opportunities?
  • Large-scale aviation biofuels: examining the challenges & future potential
  • Do electric vehicles pose a threat to the biofuels industry?
  • Global biofuels outlook
  • Case study: scaling up large scale cellulosic ethanol production
  • Outlook for the EU biofuels market in 2050
  • Innovations in the biofuels sector
  • Examining biofuels trade & export routes
  • The role of waste-based biodiesel in the EU