Promoting sustainable use of underutilized lands for bioenergy production through a web-based platform for europe


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Public Deliverables

Deliverable 2.1 - Report on Existing Geospatial Data for the Use in the Project

Deliverable 2.3 - Report on Tier-1 Map

Deliverable 2.4 - TIER 2: Detailed maps for hot spot areas

Deliverable 3.1 - Harmonization of Methodologies

Deliverable 3.2 - Database of attributes for sustainability assessment

Deliverable 3.3 - STEN Manual

Deliverable 3.6 - Operational WebGIS Tool

Deliverable 4.1 - Report on the selection of case studies in the target countries

Deliverable 4.2 - Testing of WebGIS Tool

Deliverable 4.3 - Report on tested results discussion and finetuning the tool

Deliverable 5.2 - Report on local stakeholder working groups

Deliverable 5.3 - Report on workshops for public and private landowners

Deliverable 5.4 - Report on presentations for local and regional authorities

Deliverable 6.1 - Report on the detailed description of a financial proposition and accompanying model

Model for BIOPLAT-EU

Deliverable 6.3 - Report on Feasibility Studies on Sustainable Supply Chains for Industrial Use

Deliverable 6.4 - Report on business models

Deliverable 6.5 - Report on the results of tool testing to find suitable MUC lands for sustainable oil crop production at pan-European level

Deliverable 7.1 - BIOPLAT-EU Project Website

Deliverable 7.3 - Project Introduction Video

Deliverable 7.5 - Video interviews with stakeholders

Deliverable 7.6 - Project results video

Deliverable 7.7 - International Workshop Report


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Project Flyer in English

Project Flyer in Romanian

Project Flyer in Italian

Project Flyer in German

Project Flyer in Spanish

Project Flyer in Hungarian

Project Poster in English

Project Poster in Romanian

Project Poster in Italian

Project Poster in Hungarian

EUBCE-awarded poster

Project Roll-Up in English

Project Roll-Up in Romanian

Project Roll-Up in Ukrainian

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BIOPLAT-EU Brochure with results

General Presentation


Project video on Youtube with English subtitles

Project video on Youtube with Ukrainian subtitles

Germany stakeholder video interview on Youtube

Hungary stakeholder video interview on Youtube

Italy stakeholder video interview on Youtube

Romania stakeholder video interview on Youtube

Spain stakeholder video interview on Youtube

Ukrainian stakeholder video interview on Youtube (part 1)

Ukrainian stakeholder video interview on Youtube (part 2)


BIOPLAT EU International Webinar Workshop by FAO

Video guide to use the BIOPLAT-EU STEN Tool

BIOPLAT-EU Final Project Results Video


Pan-European Mapping of Underutilized Land for Bioenergy Production

Viability and Sustainability Assessment of Bioenergy Value Chains on Underutilised Lands in the EU and Ukraine

Energy from Biomass: Assessing Sustainability by Geoinformation Technology (Best Paper Award at ISDE Conference)