Promoting sustainable use of underutilized lands for bioenergy production through a web-based platform for europe

WebGIS Tool

The BIOPLAT-EU WebGIS Tool provides a comprehensive online platform for supporting the decision-making process for new bioenergy investment projects that rely on biomass from MUC lands in Europe and neighbouring countries.




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Check HERE the video to guide you through the tool!


The BIOPLAT-EU Consortium wishes to thank the different parties who provided valuable data for the development of the WebGIS Tool:

- Fediol for the provision of oil crushing facilities locations

- EBA for the provision of biomethane plants locations

- Carolina PerpiƱa Castillo, Carlo Lavalle, Claudia Baranzelli & Sarah Mubareka, JRC, Ispra, Italy for the suitability maps of lignocellulosic crops in the EU.

- Dina Bacovsky for providing additional locations of advanced biofuel BPPs in Europe.

- Craig Winneker from ePure from providing data on ethanol plants in EU.

- Gianluca Franceschini and Federica Chiozza (FAO) for providing access to all GAEZ suitability and yield maps.

- Viktor Myroniuk, Assoc. Prof. PhD., Institute of Forestry and Landscape-Park Management, National  University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

- Space Research Institute National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and State Space Agency of Ukraine,

- Data on MUC lands

- Data on Target Area Base Layer